Enhance SPRO – Add Transaction Code

Quick note on how to link transaction code to a new node to SPRO.

There are a lot of post online which describes how enhance SPRO and link it to table maintenance. Other day I was trying to link transaction code to a newly created node and I couldn’t do it. System was throwing a information message which I couldn’t remember now, and I couldn’t find anything on internet on how to do it.

All the steps to add  a new node (for table maintenance) is same as adding transaction. Its just when you specify ‘Assigned objects’ you need to select different values. Below are step with all steps (for sake of completion) to add new node to SPRO with link to transaction code.

  1. Go to transaction: SIMGH
  2. Select structure which you want to enhance.
  3. Click on edit button and add node as desired location using button ‘Insert Activity as Subnode’ or ‘Insert Activity at Same Level’.
  4. On next screen specify ID and description
  5. On Document tab specify Document Class as SIMG and a Document name . Click on Create, specify values, save and activate and go Back.
  6. On ‘Maint.Objects’ specify ID and Name.
  7. On Assigned Object table in Customizing Object column enter IMGDUMMY, in Ty column enter D and in Transaction column enter your own Transaction code. I have given screen shot below with value.
  8. Save everything.


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