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Get Domain Fixed Value Description – Better Way

To get domain fixed value description, in past, I have used function modules DD_DOMVALUES_GET, DD_DOMA_GET and select from table DD07L. All these methods require you to specify domain name or some would say require you to hardcode domain name. Recently I have found this elegant method, which doesn’t require you to specify domain name. As long as you have variable defined with reference to domain or data element or table field which would eventually be linked to domain it works seamlessly.

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Enhance Cross dock Monitor (LXDCK) Selection Screen

Selection screen of Cross-Docking Monitor (Transaction LXDCK) displays first 10 fields by default. If the field user need is not in first 10 fields then users can add that to screen using ‘Select fields’ option. Or all fields can be displayed by default by setting up parameter LMON_ALL_SEL_FIELDS in user profile.

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