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Enhanced Table Maintenance with Automatic Change Recording

Table maintenance generator is very powerful tool to generate simple data entry screen for tables. For tables which store configuration data i.e. rarely modified it not worth spending time creating module pool program for data entry. Table maintenance generator also gives programmer opportunity to modify standard behaviour by including additional logic. In this blog I will enhance standard table maintenance to automatically record created by and created date/time and also last modified by and last modified date/time.

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Defining Customising Table

Customising is very important tool in SAP to modify behaviour of SAP programs to suit business requirement. You can argue that customising is one of the way of removing hard-coding from a program and making it future proof. There are many parameters in program which can be either hardcoded or store in some kind of table which then modify the behaviour of program by having different value in table. I am sure you can think of many scenario which fits the bill and sure you have created many custom customising table during implementation. In this blog I will explain how to define a customising table in such a way that every time you make change to its record it will prompt for customising request. And later explains you how to add this customising table in SPRO as a node so all your customising table remains organised and accessible to people who are responsible to make configuration.

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