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Webdynpro in Fiori Launchpad

Recently been involved in HR implementation where Fiori Launchpad was used as entry-point for end users instead of portal. Implemented apps were mix of SAP standard Fiori apps, custom developed Fiori apps and some Webdynpros. Now there is where it gets interesting and this whole blog is about. When you have technology like UI5/OData at your disposal why would you even consider Webdynpro in your user experience? Easy answer – No you wouldn’t consider Webdynpro.

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Chart UIBB in Floor Plan Manager (FPM) is implemented using Web Dynpro component FPM_CHART_UIBB. To implement chart component you need to first create a feeder class which implements interface IF_FPM_GUIBB_CHART. Actual display of chart including dimensions, measure, chart type etc is configured using FPM configuration editor (Flexible User Interface Designer). In this blog I will show you how to create feeder class for chart UIBB, define FPM_CHART_UIBB configuration and then make a FPM Application using FPM_OVP_CONFIGURATION.

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Configure FPM with and without ACT – Part 1

In this two part series I will explain how to configure FPM(Floor Plan Manager). This blog is more suited for beginners who are trying their first FPM configuration. First we will configure without using ACT(Application Creation Tool). ACT is one screen application tool which will create all FPM configuration objects in one go. In second part of blog I’ll show you how to use ACT.

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