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Number Range Enhancement for Sales Order, Billing, Delivery and Shipment

Configuration of Number range in SAP is can be only done on document types. This poses limitation that one can only have sequential number based on document types. In case, there is a legal requirement to maintain sequential number of documents based on other parameters for example, customer or country then this cannot be achieved using SAP standard configuration and needs enhancements. Fortunately, SAP has provides exits specifically for this purpose.

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Number Range Setting for Sales Order, Billing, Deliveries and Shipment

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Number range in SAP is used to across modules to automatically number documents as and when they are created. Number range contains one or more intervals, each one of them define range of number and stores current value of counter. Each range is assigned or used to number a specific type of document for example a Sales Order, Deliveries, Billing document and so on. When these documents are create SAP reads assigned number range object and interval to read current value counter, which is then assigned to the new document, and then counter is increased by one. This way documents created are always in sequence, except when number range is buffered where gaps can occur. Refer How the Number Range Buffer Works for more detail.

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