SAP HR-PA and OM Infotypes

There are two kinds of Infotypes in SAP HR. Personal Administration Infotypes also referred as PA Infotypes and Organisational Management Infotypes also referred sometimes as OM Infotypes. Here is comparison of these two Infotypes

PA Infotypes

PA Infotypes store information about Person. They usually numbered (SAP standard) between 0000 to 0999. Some of important Infotypes are below.

PA Infotypes Description
0000 Actions
Store important events of Person;s employment. Like Hiring, Leaving, Org reassignment, Termination etc
0001 Org. Assignment
Store Org related information like company code, personal area, Employee group and subgroup, Payroll area, Org Unit, Position job etc.
0002 Personal Data
Name , Date of Birth, Nationality, Birthplace etc
0006 Address
Different address of employee like Permanent address, Temperary Address, Emergency Address, Leave Address
0008 Basic Pay
0009 Bank Details
0021 Family Details
0024 Qualifications
0077 Additional Personal Data
Ethnic origin, Disability,Religion
0105 Communication Data
For example SAP userid and email id of person

You can have look at all existing PA infotypes at below SPRO path.



Name of tables that hold PA Infotype data is in format PANNNN. A typical structure of PA Infotype table is below.

MANDT Structure

Fields in structure PAKEY, along with field MANDT forms key of PANNNN table. Key include PERNR field which is unique identification of Person in system, SUBTY field which further divides information stored in Infotypes, BEGDA and ENDDA which is validity start and end date of record and SEQNR which is used if all other key results duplicate record.

Structure PSHD1 contains control fields like changed on, person who changed the record etc.

Structure PSNNNN contains fields which actually holds Infotypes related information.

Structure CI_PNNNN is customer include which customers can use to enhance Infotypes and add more fields to it.

You can create custom PA Infotypes or enhance existing SAP Standard Infotypes using transaction PM01.

There are Infotypes tables which start with PB, these are Infotypes which stores information related to Applicants. From technical perspective they are similar to PA Infotypes. They too are created/enhanced using transaction PM01.


You can use function module HR_READ_INFOTYPE to read Infotype data for a given Person.

OM Infotypes

OM Infotypes stores information related to Objects.

I think this needs little explanation, let me try. I was tempted to say, difference in PA Infotype and OM Infotype is that PA Infotype stores information about living objects (Person and Applicant) and OM Infotypes stores information about non-living objects (Organisation, Position, Jobs etc.) but that is not accurate. Person, whose data is primarily stored in PA Infotypes is referred as object type P in OM Infotype and you can find information about Person in OM Infotype table e.g in HRP1001 you can find out in which Org unit Person is assigned to. There are other object types like Central Person (CP), Student (ST), Candidate (NA) all living beings whose information is stored in OM Infotypes. OM Infotypes can hold information of multiple object types and the way they do it by using two important fields in their key: Object type (OTYPE) and Object Id (OBJID). Field OTYPE say what kind of object current record is about and OBJID is a unique Id of that object. PA Infotypes do not have any field similar to OTYPE because all information is about object P.

SAP Standard OM Infotypes have number range from 1000 to 1999. Customer OM Infotypes starts with 9 (9000-9999). You can view all OM Infotypes in SPRO at path shown in below screen shots.



OM Infotypes table names are in format HRPNNNN and have structure.


Structure HRIKEY form key of record. Some of important field in this structure are OTYPE-Object Type, OBJID-Object ID, SUBTY-Subtype, BEGDA-Start Date, ENDDA-End Date and SEQNR-Number of Infotype Record with Same Key.

Structure HRIADMIN is control structure which captures Last changes on date and user name who made change.

Structure HRINNNN is which holds data. Fields of this structure would be different for each OM Infotypes.

Structure CI_PNNNN is customer include which you can use to enhance existing OM Infotypes by adding new fields to it.

You can use transaction PPCI to enhance existing Infotypes or create new ones.

In some OM Infotype table you can see field TABNR in the end. These Infotypes are of type ‘Table Infotype’. Data in these Infotypes are in tabular format.


Table Infotypes will also have another table HRTNNNN in dictionary with field TABNR and TABSEQNR as key fields.

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