Screen Size and Setting to display ALV Grid Fullscreen

If you create ALV Grid report using class CL_GUI_ALV_GRID then you may like to read this blog to avoid scroll bar and unused screen space issue.

To give you an example you may have seen ALV grid with scroll bars if you resize screen even if it’s perfectly possible to fit the content of ALV Grid in screen size being displayed. See screen shot below.

In above example there is no reason why scrollbars should appear.

On the other hand, if you have big screen same report might leave a lot of screen space unused.

See the unused space on the right and bottom of ALV grid. In this particular case I didn’t had many columns but if you have in your report and still ALV leaves this space it will be very annoying for users having big screens.

To get around these issue make sure you define screen with maximum size possible i.e. 200 lines and 240 columns. Make custom control on screen occupy whole screen.

Set the resizing option on customer container. Check both Vertical and Horizontal screen and specify min lines and min columns (beyond which scroll bar will be displayed).

After these setting you will see that scrollbar doesn’t appear until screen size is smaller than data being displayed.

And big screen users will be delighted to use all their screen’s space.


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  1. I see the following in the code of the report I’m working on, so I suppose this blog entry is applicable.
    data: obj_grid_100 TYPE REF TO cl_gui_alv_grid.
    However, I do not know where the lines and columns can be increased. Can you advise?

    • You need to make line and columns setting of screen and custom controller. For screen, when you open screen in SE80 or SE51 its under ‘Attribute’ tab. And to change lines and columns setting of custom controller, first open layout of screen using button ‘Layout’ in SE51 then double click on custom controller to open its properties. Hope this helps.

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